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ADM-with-Artificial-Intelligence_from-Verdigris.pngFacilities managers face new issues every day when running their buildings. They work around the clock to keep their building running, but there are many factors that can get in their way. They have a variety of people and systems to keep track of, and they are having to work harder to meet the increased demands of their buildings. 

Current methods aren't working, and facilities managers are spending up to 50 percent of their monthly energy bills on demand charges. To make matters worse, they have no way of finding out what equipment causes the peaks. This makes proactivity impossible, continuing the cycle of increased costs. 

Using its intelligent solution, Verdigris was able to save a luxury hotel in downtown San Francisco over $1,500 on its monthly energy bill. Verdigris's technology provides strategies and insights that saved hotel staff time and enabled them to focus on keeping their building operating. 

Understand more about automated demand management and how it can be used across industries in this free case study download: Automated Demand Management: How Companies Are Saving More on Energy Costs with Artificial Intelligence.